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MSK Physio/ Hand therapy


If you have been placed on our PIFU system by your clinician, it means that the decision to make another appointment has been given over to you. In other words, you won’t have another appointment unless you choose to book it.

If you choose not to book another appointment with your clinician/our service, you will be discharged at the end of the agreed period (see above).

You have been placed on PIFU because you and your clinician have agreed that this is appropriate for the current stage of your rehabilitation. You may have been encouraged to persevere with your exercises or lifestyle changes, or simply to give your condition more time to settle to help you get the best results out of your rehabilitation.

You can contact us at any point during your PIFU period, however you must contact us before the end of the agreed period (see top of page). You can:

  • Book yourself another appointment via the Airmid online booking app (Physio only)
  • Call 01493 809977

If contacting us, please state you are on our PIFU list as it will help us identify where you are in our MSK services. Please note that the quickest and easiest way to book another appointment is via the Airmid app (physio only).

After your most recent appointment, you should have been told what type of appointment you should book if you need to see our team again. You should book the type of appointment (face to face or phone) and the day/ time that suits you best however, you should only book a 30 minute appointment unless your clinician has instructed you otherwise.

If we have not heard from you by the end of the agreed period, you will be discharged from our service. If registered for online booking via the Airmid app, your access will be deactivated.

If you are dissatisfied with the overall outcome of your rehabilitation, take a moment to consider all aspects of your rehabilitation programme and the choices you've made in consultation with your clinician. Reflect on whether you've diligently followed the prescribed exercises, allowed sufficient time for progress, and explored any additional suggestions provided by your clinician. If you remain unsatisfied, please contact us.

If you feel you may benefit from further physiotherapy, you must contact us before the agreed end of your PIFU period.

Dependent on how you contact us, a message will either be passed to your physiotherapist to contact you to discuss your situation, or an appointment will be offered. If using the Airmid app, you are in control of booking any appointments you may feel you need. Please ensure you book the correct appointment (most issues can be quickly and easily discussed in a phone consultation).

If your agreed PIFU period has expired and you need further physiotherapy input, you will need to refer yourself again. You can do this without having to go back to the GP; it can be done quickly and easily here.


The Airmid app is a safe and effective way to take control of your physiotherapy appointments. To ensure that you and your data are kept safe, the Airmid app uses the NHS app with it’s high level of security as the way to log in (think of the NHS app as the key go get in through the Airmid door) and therefore you must have an NHS app account to use Airmid properly.

Please make sure that you have an active NHS app account before trying to register and use the Airmid app.

As outlined above, using the NHS app to log in is safest and most secure way to access your Airmid app. You should make sure that you are logging in using the NHS branded button as shown below.

Do not use the red (sometimes blue) ‘Log In’ button.


You can only reset your password for either the NHS app or the Airmid app via the ‘Forgotten Username/ Password’ option (shown below).

We cannot reset your password for you.

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